How To Maintain an Endoscope


So, you’ve heard about endoscopy surgery! It’s the greatest thing… but let’s start from the beginning. What’s an endoscope?


An Endoscope is a piece of health equipment which has a lengthy tube. This tube is used by medical doctors to scrutinize the internal parts of a person’s body to identify the problem before they can commence treatment.

The equipment consists of a video camera and provides illumination for the internal body parts to be seen on a screen as the procedure is taking place.

This equipment, like all valuable tools is not a cheap product and should be handled with caution and maintained often to provide optimal service. There are various types of this equipment and they have specific names as outlined below:

• Arthroscopes: used to check a person’s joints
• Bronchoscopes: used for checking the lungs and air passages in a person
• Colonoscopes: used to check the colon
• Cystoscope: used to scan the urinary bladder
• Gastroscope: used for checking a person’s stomach, the throat and small intestines
• Hysteroscope: used to check the uterus of a woman

Hope this helps… it’ll give you the basic knowledge of what an endoscope is and what is used for.

Maintenance of an Endoscope

Endoscopes are great tools that have to be well maintained! Therefore we’ve put together a list of maintenance tips below:

Ways of Ensuring Proper Maintenance of Endoscope Devices

1. Handling of endoscope devices should not be left to several people. Appointed senior staff in the department should be charged with this responsibility. They must be accountable and ensure that cleanliness and maintenance of these gadgets takes place as required. The beauty of having more than one person is check is usually for total quality management.

2. Administers of these tools must undergo basic training on maintenance and cleaning effectively handle them. This would not only save on repair costs but would ensure that optimum performance of the tools at all times and stretched lifetime. Product Manuals are essential but should not be relied upon by users as the only source of information on maintenance.

Attendance at conferences and other Continuous Medical Education (CMEs) sessions on safeguarding should be part of the training. This would not only enhance networking with other users, but they would learn from each other’s experiences. It may be costly to get this information initially, but the returns would be astronomical in the long run.

These are 4 Simple Tips on Effective Handling of Endoscope Equipment

• Ensure that only responsible and proactive people are in charge of the endoscope tools. These should be repaired immediately after the identification of outflows, blocked tools, failure of a leak test or any other problems that may lead to wrong diagnosis.

• Sterilization can be done in stages from low, to middle and finally high levels to ensure that the gadgets are cleaned to the highest standards. For bendable tools this must be done thoroughly to remove particles that may be left behind after use. Deep sterilization of more than eight stages should be part of the process and the clinic can decide when to do it.

• Users must not wait for gadgets to break down before precautionary measures with reputable companies or manufacturers are undertaken and should be done regularly.

• Internal inspection of equipment from repair firms must be conducted internally to avoid full reliance on external sources because any human being can make an error. Experienced technicians who are conversant with the gadgets and understands their use to recognize sub standard repairs should be charged with this responsibility.

In conclusion we can say that maintenance of endoscope devices is the responsibility of all who handle the tools at all levels from the manufacturer to the final user.

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The Best Zoom Digital Camera Shopping Guide

A generous zoom range is very important for any photographer and in the last period of time every single manufacturer added at least one or two models with super zoom in the line-up.

The opportunity to shoot every image you see is very appealing especially if you can do that using a compact digital camera. The market is filled with models that will make all this possible, all you need to do is take some time and find the one that suits you best. Below you’ll find a brief description of seven cameras and their design and performance features.

Compared to an SLR, a camera that has a small sensor has also smaller lens and this means that it can offer up to a 12x zoom.

A few years ago, both Olympus and Sony introduced on the market 10x zoom cameras but they were very expensive. Today, modern zoom cameras are pretty affordable and much smaller compared to the digital SLRs that feature powerful lenses. These two major advantages made the super zoom cameras very popular.

These great devices offer very generous zoom ranges and that’s why in most cases the lenses are very large and tend to occupy a large part of the camera. A superzoom cam looks very much like a SLR but the true differences between them lie on the inside and can be seem very clearly in the pictures.

In time, the zoom range extended from an average 10x to almost double that number but during this battle for pixel’s supremacy the lens became wider and wider.

These seven models go from average wide angle to super telephoto and all of them feature 12x zoom ranges. On the inside you can find a mechanical or an optical image stabilization which is very helpful when shooting splendid images. In addition to all that the cameras sport full photographic control, electronic viewfinders and a rather attractive design.

The specs lists for each model say that some of the cameras actually share the same lens and that’s mainly because the lenses are provided by a third party supplier.

Panasonic was not the first SLR superzoom camera manufacturer but everyone heard about its 2003 / 2004 models: the FZ20 and the FZ10. And that was only the beginning because in time all major manufacturers joined the game and now they compete for the podium.

During the above mentioned test the following superzooms were analyzed: the Sony Cybershot DSC-H50, the Canon Powershot SX10 IS, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28, the Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD, the Olympus SP-565UZ, the Fujifilm FinePix S8100fd and the Nikon Coolpix P80.

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Speed Up Your Computer With PC Booster

Are you sick of the PC errors and desperately need a way to speed up your computer so that you can get back on track? Then look no further because PC Booster is exactly what you need to get rid of those nasty blue screen of death, windows application, and memory Windows startup errors that you’ve constantly had to deal with. Plus it comes with Live PC support to solve stubborn computer problems

It’s sad to say but the troubles you may be facing are very common throughout the world and millions of computer users have to deal with the headache of slow PC performance all the time. You paid a lot of money for the machine so why does it keep acting up? The answer to that question isn’t always crystal clear because there could be a lot of reasons why your machine no longer works the way it used to.

Some of the issues that could have caused the poor performance are quite simple and some can be quite complex. Unfortunately, the average consumer doesn’t have the knowledge available to be able to take care of issues that occur on their computers, nor do they have the time to put towards getting the issues fixed by themselves. PC Booster can help solve your slow PC issues and help boost pc performance in just a few clicks of the mouse, and just a few moments of your precious time.

How is this possible? We’ll explain that shortly. First we have to understand why errors and slow performance happen on computers all of the time. The fact is there are a lot of reasons that errors and slow PC performance occur, but there are some that are more common and more identifiable than others. One of the most common issues that consumers experience is registry errors. The registry in your PC is filled with tons and tons of data that has to do with basically every information aspect of your computer. So if you were to look into the registry of your computer, you would find information about the users on your computer, the programs that are installed on your computer and information such as the display settings that you have selected for your desktop. All of this data and more resides in this one central location called the registry. Registry errors occur when certain pieces of data go missing or become invalid. This often is the reason why you get random windows application errors. This could also be the reason you experience slow startup times as well.

Another reason that you might experience slow performance or errors related to specific programs is because you may not have enough memory left to be able to run fast enough or perform certain functions. Insufficient memory is typically the result of excess data build up as a direct consequence of failing to clean up old files periodically. Insufficient memory could also be the result of a deeper problem like Spyware or Malware. These types of harmful programs could make their way onto your PC and could cause issues with the memory on your computer, therefore making it unusable.

Whatever the case may be, your computer will have to be analyzed in order to identify problem areas where improvements can be made to speed up your computer. PC Booster is capable of doing this for you. A single system scan takes a few minutes and the result could be the identification and elimination of issues related to the components of your computer such hard drives, CD-ROM drives, memory, and more. This software is specifically designed to eliminate the slow PC issues that you are experiencing, so you don’t have to suffer. All you have to do is download the software, install it, and then execute the system scanning feature and you’ll be amazed at the results when the process is complete. No more PC errors. No more slow PC performance. All you will be left with is a PC tune up that has increased the performance levels of your computer to new heights, and you’ll have the results to prove it with the before and after performance read outs.

PC errors don’t have to ruin your day and certainly shouldn’t force you to go out and buy a new computer. If you’re experiencing PC errors or slow performance and would like a way to speed up your computer without having to buy a new one, download PC Booster today!

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The Emotional Approach to Weight Loss

As you probably read or seen somewhere many times, the subject and practices of weight loss and weight control can be very emotional and (if allowed) somewhat stressful and controversial because it is vastly misunderstood by the masses and even more so, by those who are unfortunately affected by the problem of its unsightliness.

Overweight people as a group; generally and unfortunately tend to play with the problem of weight loss and its control by the way that they generally approach its correction. They do so, more emotionally and stressfully in the hope of some sort of miracle to happen. Rather than approaching the problem rationally with the commonsense and patience that its cure and control requires, this approach is stressful, repressive and self destructive. More often than not, those results in continued failure and frustration finally destroy their self confidence and the will-power to ever try again.

Weight loss and weight control for the most part is emotionally driven which can be clouded by confusion. This cloud of uncertainty and confusion becomes the catalyst for a choice that is made and is then used as a justification for the possible failures.

Being overweight, fat, obese is no accident it is self-inflicted; it is the result of neglect and a continuance of bad choices, and then from a position of denial they cry out that big is beautiful.

To add to the overall confusion and misunderstanding that generally surrounds the subject of weight control we have an avalanche of articles in the popular press sensationalizing the latest, and always the greatest miracle diet and/or method of weight loss and weight control. They are designed of course to capture the emotions and imaginations of those over weight and emotionally affected people.

Emotions are and always be a big factor in overweight people’s indecision and clouded thoughts. If you take emotional attachments away from it, more than likely those indecisions and clouded thoughts would be redundant in the sense that they are taking a one step forward approach.

People need to make a decision and ask this “Are my emotions affecting my attitudes towards weight loss and weight management?”

Staying true to your true desires and demoting those unwanted emotions can be beneficial to anyone who is struggling with losing weight and managing it.

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